A new direction for the railway industry

A new direction for the railway industry

There has been great structural change in the railway industry since the EU instigated the liberalisation of the European railway market. This has stimulated innovation and economic efficiency and rail tracks have played a central role in the increasing flow of goods and sustainable mobility of freight and passengers in Europe.

Europeanised Regulation

A need for consultancy and support


A shift in the value chain

Sustainable Mobility

Freight and passengers on the tracks

Work Individualisation

New working models

European Railway Sector Liberalisation and Deregulation

Competition and the need for flexibility

Potential for Growth

The innovative and changing railway market in Europe will increase the demand for specialised rail services in the future, opening up opportunities for growth for the TEX Group.

We can provide our customers with value-creating solutions through our technical expertise, wide range of rail services and skilled employees. Our growth-oriented company group offers the development of new business areas in the European railway sector within infrastructure, business, training and consulting. It is also a platform for profitable investment.

Potential for Growth