TEX Rail Recruiting

Rail Recruiting by MEV – staff recruitment experts in Europe

  • we build up our experience for over 20 years as successful personnel service provider and helped MEV grow as a specialist in the rail sector.
  • our speciality is the acquisition of experienced railroaders and up to this day it is the foundation and core of our success.
  • personnel development and the design of individual and customized career moves in the rail sector is our credo and strength.
  • we utilise this experience to accommodate the needs of your company when it comes to expert employees.
  • you are our customer. You operate as a rail transport company or a rail infrastructure company. You produce components for rail engineering. You plan and build rail infrastructure. You organise the complex logistic for construciton sites. Then we are the ideal partner to help you reach your target!
  • we recruit in Europe and Asia, prepare potential employees for working conditions in Germany and hand them over to your company.
  • we help you in personnel choice and development and help you estimate your needs for future personnel in the years to come.
TEX Rail Training

TEX Rail Training

Our MEV companies along with KSV and RDP operate the leading private schools in the train operation field. TEX Rail Training offers a wide range of training and development with modular courses for train drivers, wagon technicians and other rail operation professions.

Our exceptionally high standards define us.

  • Our transnational course organisation and wide access to all current national market information makes us a leading provider of railway transport training and development worldwide.
  • Our trainers are all railway workers. This adds know-how to technical expertise when it comes to railway worker professions.
  • Our integrated and comprehensive training concept guarantees a close link between theoretical and practical content.
  • Our customers decide when, where and how courses take place – giving maximum flexibility to the courses on offer and maximum customer benefit.
  • Our in-house simulators can reproduce any situation in rail operations. They form an accepted link between theoretical and practical training, especially in providing safe instruction on irregularities and deviations in rail operation.
  • Our Blended Learning Concept places great value in the most up-to-date methods and technology so that we can provide different forms of learning in traditional teaching. E-learning includes preparation, additional exercises and a deeper look into selected topics. We are always developing our technology, methods and training content.


Since the beginning of 2020 we also offer trainig and further training in railway infrastructure monitoring and control and safety technologies.  We offer tailor-made solutions for train operating companies, rail infrastructure providers, as well as engineering companies.

We offer high quality training for all areas that demands railway expertise and knowhow which includes training and further training of construction managers for roadbed, track and constructive engineering, control, communication and safety systems, electrical engineering, telecommunication engineering, as well as mechanical engineers for switches and signals.

We are a certified educational institution for DB Netz AG, acknowledged apprenticing company of the Industrie- und Handelskammer, acknowledged training company of the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt and thereby certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and AZAV.