KSV Independent Railway Institute

Kompetenz für Schienengebundene Verkehre GmbH (KSV) is based in Leipzig and has successfully provided consultancy and engineering services to numerous rail operation and technical issues for more than 15 years. KSV is a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and AZAV-regulated training institution and also according to regulation VO (EU) 445/2011, certified as an Entity in Charge of Freight Wagon Maintenance (ECM). KSV GmbH is also officially accredited by the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt according to § 5 Par. 1d, Sentence 1 Nr. 2 “Allgemeines Eisenbahngesetz” (AEG) approved Independent Evaluation Facility (UBS). It is active in the following business areas:

  • Railway safety managers (public and private railways)
  • Training and development (education and examining body according to TfV)
  • Specialist consulting
  • Information service and regulation manager
  • Services for vehicles and workshops
  • ECM services

Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 55a
04103 Leipzig

MEV Deutschland

We are a leading provider of qualified railway personnel and comprehensive operating services for railways in Germany and Europe. As the largest private market player, we are able to actively shape the German market through our innovative and customer-specific services. Whether for short-term bottlenecks or challenging company issues, our customers have known us for many years as a supportive partner who can develop and implement solutions quickly and with confidence. Our focus on quality and service is a crucial foundation of our long-term customer relationships. We have been part of a fair pay structure since 2004 and together with management and trade unions, take responsibility for the management of our employee working conditions. Our commitment to the training and development of our young recruits offers a long-term expert and management track for our employees. Our MEV Train Driver Academy provides a solution to shortages in the labour market and training in different areas (Chamber of Industry and Commerce apprenticeships, retraining and qualification). We find the best and most up-to-date training models for our customers and those retraining.

Walter-Krause-Straße 11
68163 Mannheim

MEV Austria

When it comes to train operating services, MEV is the largest leading supplier and independent service provider in Austria. Whether in the planning and implementation of new transport operations or the modification of existing transport services, the carriage of passengers or goods, or long-distance or connecting services, MEV is the most powerful partner for complete rail services and the assignment of rail operation personnel, throughout Austria and cross-boarder. MEV Austria is also a registered training facility for the training and development of rail operation personnel according to railway law and railway certification and examination regulations.

Concorde Business Park 1 / E2 / 14
2320 Schwechat

MEV Switzerland

We are a leading supplier of specialised and qualified railway personnel and comprehensive operating services for railways in Switzerland and Europe. We offer our services at competitive prices and top quality. Quality is a crucial foundation of long-term customer relationships and we continually review and improve the quality of our services through direct contact with our customers. We offer customer-oriented solutions and tailor our product range and internal structure to meet the growing demands of the market in every way. Along with our sister companies in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, we have excellent technical specialists at hand (more than 600 train drivers and inspectors) allowing us to conduct and control cross-boarder transport operations. In Switzerland, we are only involved in franchised railway enterprises and place great value in the quality of work and safety standards of each individual employee. Quality and safety form the most important elements of our company policy. Your aim – Our mission Our MEV Train Driver Academy in Switzerland, where we educate and instruct train drivers, is a further focus of our service portfolio.

Hofackerstrasse 40A
4132 Muttenz

MEV Netherlands

MEV Nederland BV is the leading supplier of rail operating personnel in freight and passenger transport in the Netherlands. Our core business is the handling of train driver services for many railway transport companies both nationally and also cross-boarder into Germany and Belgium. In addition to the assignment of qualified train drivers, MEV Netherlands also handles the disposition and 24/7 control centre for MEV customers. Safety, quality, reliability and flexibility set our company apart.

De Veldoven 3
3342 GR Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht


RDP Services BV is based in Rotterdam and has been successfully established in railway transport employee training since 2001. In addition to consulting services, the RDP Service training team instructs new employees and also provides further training to already qualified train drivers and wagon technicians. RDP Services is groundbreaking in the Dutch and Belgian markets with its state-of-the-art simulators and e-learning tools. Using its expertise and technology, the company and its customers have a common goal: ‘Growth in railway transport through the training of new, qualified employees!’.

Albert Plesmanweg 61B
3088 BA Rotterdam

L&B GmbH

L&B GmbH has provided specialist services in signal and safety systems for over 10 years. Our skills include the maintenance of HRS point locks and also the maintenance and grinding treatment of BWG type rail expansion joints. L&B is qualified for construction services at point heating infrastructural facilities for low voltage electric point heating systems. In addition to superstructure accompanying works, L&B is proficient in the assembly and dismantling and also the installation, modification and decommissioning of points. Ground and meshing work and also disaster and emergency stand-by duties for signal and safety systems round off the L&B portfolio of services. Our qualified staff can be quickly on-site at any location and are fully equipped with all necessary high-tech devices to deal with issues easily and efficiently without great administrative outlay. L&B is a certified service partner of FRAUSCHER Sensor Technology.

Magdeburger Straße 3
14641 Wustermark

WWR Signaltechnik

WWR SignalTechnik GmbH has been the specialist in signal and safety systems for more than 10 years. WWR handles the smooth running of railway transport through its wealth of experience in the maintenance, repair, assembly and commissioning of signal and safety systems. No matter what we are asked to do, with our experience and know-how, WWR is the experienced, flexible, reliable and powerful partner with superior skill in signal box modification and signalling accompanying works. WWR SignalTechnik GmbH is the contractual partner of Deutschen Bahn AG for assembly services of signal and safety and point heating systems. We are also the contractual partner of Thales Transportation Systems GmbH.

Elzmatten 4
79365 Rheinhausen

LT BahnTechnik

LT Bahntechnik GmbH has its headquarters in Oberhausen and was founded as an owner-managed company on 01 April 2005. Our forward-thinking company policy has helped us become established in the market as a successful service provider. Continually increasing commissions has meant that our company has steadily grown, leading to a move to new, larger premises in Dinslaken in July 2014. Our company focuses on providing technical services in the infrastructure sector for public and private railway companies. LT Bahntechnik GmbH has been a recognised partner of Deutschen Bahn AG for signal and safety systems since 2006 and in industry we have been a contractual partner to Thyssen Krupp Steel Europe AG, Siemens AG, Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH, Pintsch Aben and Pintsch Tiefenbach GmbH for many years.

Rubbertskath 25
46539 Dinslaken

LT SchienenTechnik GmbH

Das Leistungsspektrum der LT Schienentechnik GmbH entspricht jeglichen Kundenanforderungen aus der Industrie, dem ÖPNV sowie der DB AG in den Bereichen Weichen- und Schienenschweißtechnik. Mit einem Maschinenpark auf dem aktuellen Stand der Technik überzeugen unsere mobilen Schweiß- und Schleiftrupps durch Können und Wissen. Beratung, Planung und Durchführung – oder direkt das komplette Paket. Unser Team aus qualifizierten und erfahrenen Mitarbeitern ermöglicht es uns, Ihnen als Kunden, die komplette Projektabwicklung aus einer Hand anzubieten.

Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 28
46539 Dinslaken